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Where do I get my inspiration...........Waar word ik door geinspireerd?

Hi there,

Today I will show you a Pan Pastel creation, something else than you maybe used of from me.........I was inspired by lovely artwork that I saw on Pinterest. So I will also mention the artist name and site.
It's a good thing to be inspired by someone else but it's also nice to mention the artist who inspired you. At least that is my opinion. I have several boards on my Pinterest page and I love looking at all the beautiful and colourful inspirations there are to find on Pinterest.

This is the original artwork(watercolour) and I love the title which the artist has given her work. We are Light.  I quote: 'I like the idea that human beings being composed out of stardust'........
You can find her work here
page background inspiration
made by Annya Kai

and now on to my interpretation..........using Pan Pastels. Easier to control than water paints, but I also love to do water painting. 
These are the materials I've used:
Pan Pastels:
Magenta tint 430.8
Magenta shade 430.3
Violet tint 470.8
Violet 470.5
Phtalo blue tint 560.8
Phtalo blue 560.5
Phtalo green tint 620.8
Phtalo green 620.5
Permanent green tint 640.8
Permanent green 640.5
White 100.5
Eraser pencil 

White markers:
Molotov marker
Posca marker
Signo ball pens UM-153 and 120AC

Dutch Doobadoo
Crafters workshop
Viva Decor Kristal gel hologram

And a step by step tutorial, I hope you like to see it as much as I did creating it..........

This is the colourpalette I've used.

I've started applying the lightest colours with the large oval sponge(like that one)
I've used fixative after every layer
 Than I've used the darker shades to give more power to the colours
Than I've used the two last colours which are even more stronger (Phtalo blue and green)

I've used several stencils and applied Versamark with a sponge, than I've applied the Pan Pastel Violet and also erased some circles to create some light balls......

Than the fun starts adding white dots with the different size of white markers. I've noticed that the larger tip of the Molotov marker created the largest dots, than the Posca marker because it has a metal tip and than the two sizes Signo ball pens.

I've deceided to add some more fun.......could not stop.......and added Viva Kristal gel using a palette knife and another Crafters stencil.
Here you can see the texture and the lovely shine it looks a bit bubbly but after drying it will be OK

And the final layering onto some white and display on purple cardstock.
Some views from a different angle.....
This gel has such a nice effect, there are some pieces of mica in it........

Well, this is my contribution for the Pan Pastel blog this time but I've translated it only here. Thanks for visiting, appreciate your comments and hope to see you next time!

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  1. wow how beautiful Miranda, gorgeous colours and you've captured the effect of stardust beautifully
    Claire xx

  2. Stunning Miranda, I love the colours you've used. I love the effect the crystal gel has given to the finished project.

    Sue xx

  3. Leuk om de stap voor stap foto's te zien, het ziet er fantastisch uit en de kleuren zijn ook prachtig! Groetjes Karin

  4. It's gorgeous Miranda and I can see where you got your inspiration, took it and created your own beauitful artwork. The colours, design and texture is fabulous. Have a great week teamie, Shirleyxx

  5. the colours are beautiful & thank you for both translating & showing your process so clearly - it's one of the things I'm realising it's important to do. I agree about giving credit - it's so important. Your 'whitework' has added so much to the whole design & I love the whole idea of circles in composition.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Wat prachtig weer Miranda, en bedankt om te laten zien hoe jij het doet, ik heb evenveel Gelly pennen als jij maar na een tijdje (ze zijn zeker niet leeg) begeven ze het allemaal, vind ik zonde en geld verspilling, maar ja we kunnen niet zonder, niet!!!


  7. This is a beautiful work of art Miranda, and thank you for taking the time to explain it all so thoroughly. I love all the colours and how you layered them on and the lovely texture, and the finishing touches with the white pens in various sizes. Gorgeous!

  8. Heb net al bij PP BNL gereageerd Miranda...zo mooi dit werk! Maar geen idee waar die leuke cirkel stencils vandaan komen? Groetjes, Alie :-)

  9. Gewoon pràchtig zoals we van jou gewend zijn Miranda! Ik geniet keer op keer van al dat mooies die we hier te zien krijgen! Ik kijk er alweer naar uit om je werkjes in levende lijve te zien in Nijkerk! Groetjes, Linda

  10. wauw, in 1 woord SCHITTEREND!!!!!!!

    groetjes jolande

  11. Ziet er super gaaf uit!! Prachtige kleurencombinatie. Bedankt voor de goede uitleg.

  12. Love that artful creation, wonderful accents and effects!

  13. What a beautiful piece of art. WOW!!! I am totally impressed!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  14. Geweldige serie kaarten en voorbeelden, dank je wel voor het meekijken om een klein beetje te zien hoe je dat maakt.
    Waar ik mijn inspiratie vandaan haal? Tja, dat had je al gezien op mijn blog, op dit moment eigenlijke nergens vandaan, want inspiratie ligt even ver beneden het vriespunt. Dank je wel voor je lieve reactie!
    Blogposts zoals die van jou, daarvan hoop ik dat het mijn inspiratie weer aanwakkert en er nog eens iets uit mijn vingers komt.
    Tot ziens in Nijkerk, lieve groetjes van Yvon


Thank you for your visit on my blog! Hope to have inspired you! Till next time, Miranda

Bedankt voor je bezoek aan mijn blog! Hoop dat ik je geïnspireerd heb!
Tot de volgende keer, Miranda


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